In the course of our work here at Langley Aero, we have several companies we regularly do business with, for the benefit of our customers.

We only deal with reputable companies, with a good track record notably in the area of efficiency, cost effectiveness, quality of work, and reliability.

These are companies and individuals we can comfortably recommend for your needs in the area of their expertise. We use their services because we know we can count on them delivering.

You can deal with these companies directly, or we can arrange the work on your behalf. The choice is yours.

Where possible we have included web pages as well as contact information.

For aircraft interiors and Composite repairs:

Port Aircraft Interiors/CHC Aerospace.

For Avionics:

Inland Communications Ltd.

For Aircraft Painting:

Upper Valley Aviation

For aircraft Parts:

Spring Aviation

Aerspace Aviation

For Engine repairs and Overhaul:

Progressive Air Ltd/Pro Aero Engines

And for administrative support and imports:

CC Aviation

We also support whole-heartily the ongoing efforts to preserve our aviation heritage by the Canadian Museum of Flight, one of only two museums in Canada that still fly vintage and heritage aircraft.